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The way is the goal! This is the motto of our tour through the interior Neustadt of Dresden: we will walk through tree-lined boulevards and see large squares, we will discover small lanes and picturesque backyards with fashion shops, which offer everything from alternative to chic. Like a kaleidoscope the image of the Neustadt is continuously rearranging itself. The architectural atmosphere hovers in the delicate tension between baroque and socialist buildings. And it is this mix which makes the Neustadt on of the most charming places in town!

During our tour we will not only show you the well-known highlights of the interior Neustadt. We want to surprise you with a gaze 'through the looking glass' and a special leitmotif.

  • The tour is in German, spoken by Michael Brey
  • Duration 2-2.5 Stunden
  • 18 points of interest
  • easy to use navigation
  • up-to-date content
  • focus on battery-efficiency
  • GPS-tracking can be switched on/off

Coming Soon

Audioguide Dresden Altstadt

In spring 2018 we will release our next guide. You can then join us for a walk through the Old Town of Dresden. Michael Brey will show you the Top-20 Highlights of the downtown area in our new audioguide for iOS and Android.