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Artists / Great Emotions

Once or twice per year, our forebears had been full of pleasant anticipation for the great spectacle to come to their home town. Before dawn, hundreds of spectators gathered at the local railway station to watch it arriving. It's parades, wild animals, flying trapeze acts and clowns had been a celebration of color, light, music and costume. This is how the classical circus presented itself. Cirque du Soleil bears about as much resemblance to the classical circus as a piece of Moliere does to the Muppets Show. It's reputation is built at least in part on it's self-consciously non circus elements: the minutely orchestrated theatricality combines with a backdrop of lyrical or historic scenes and the perfectly timed unexpected effect.

"The first thing we do find is a theme", says the long time director of the Cirque du Soleil, Franco Dragone. These days people are not so easily impressed by effects as they used to be. People respond less to an effect than to an emotion. Dance, artistics, light shows, singing and acting are also part of many events. They should not stand by themselves but become essential components of a 'Gesamtkunstwerk', in which all the elements of the event are integrated. The boundaries between spectacle and spectator are dissolved. The imagination is drawn into the show. This is how unique and awesome experiences are created.

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Guided Tours / Roaming without Baedeker

Eye to eye with Florence - this was the ultimate goal of young English noblemen during their Grand Tour. Since then this sentiment has driven countless numbers of travelers to the city at the River Arno. The sheer number and proximity of works of art, the myriad of shopping opportunities and the city’s good restaurants are so overwhelming that it becomes a tour de force trying to see them all. The real connoisseurs are the ones who therefore travel without their Baedeker in their pockets. That is what E. M. Forster recommends in his book ’Room with a view’, which was published in 1908. It sounds absurd only at the first glance.

Paradoxically, the offerings of the travel industry often stand in the way of real travel and real experience. Everything up to the least detail is perfectly filtered, monitored, marshaled, ameliorated, graded and made app-ready. The thrill of the unexpected is lost. In contrast to these sad achievements of our own profession, we want to open the eyes and minds of the attendees, so that each event becomes a real room with a view.

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Service / The perfect matchmaker

The sommelier is the expert matchmaker. As it is sometimes with love, so it is with food and wine pairings. He promotes an unsurpassed ménage a trois of wine, food and the adept. He is responsible for an intensive and unforgettable romance, which we remember for decades. The perfect sommelier makes you think that all this magic arises from a momentary impulse within yourself. Today the sommelier’s function in a restaurant is to advise, select and serve wine to the customer's table. The origin of this profession dates centuries back to medieval Christian monasteries, where the sommelier was the man with the key position. He was responsible for tableware, bedclothes, linen and the provision of bread. And he had all the keys to the various chests.

Masterly service is for events what the sommelier meant for the functioning of monastic life and what he still means for the diner today. Our multi-skilled event-teams are charged with the fine, ongoing relationship between the event and it's attendees. Its diverse crew members communicate, entice, inform, match-make and know when to stop talking. Skilled personnel unlock the experiences and help them taste terrific.

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