Social: The Digital Stage of Travel

Travel today involves interacting with digital, especially social media. Youtube, Instagram and facebook are used for research before a visit and for information gathering on the spot. After the trip, they are used to deepen the travel experience. They are continuous companions of the contemporary traveler and constant reference points throughout the journey.

Transmedia storytelling therefore is essential to penetrate all the noise which clutters the competition for human awareness. It is the most important instrument in the management of place perception.

The Process


At the beginning stands the analysis of the actual situation. Goals, target groups and channels are defined.


The goals are assigned to platforms and content. The team is determined.


The content (like photos, graphics, audio, film, texts) is researched and developed.


According to the editorial plan, the content is posted in the assigned social channels.

Measuring Success

Monitoring and performance measurement of the KPIs are the basis for the next development cycle.


The need for optimization is identified and implemented in a new iteration.

The Social Media Toolkit

Social media marketing is a holistic process.

BLOG. The content is prepared for specific target groups. Well suited for positioning and distribution of content in social networks.


INSTAGRAM. Due to its reach and the combination of text and image, it is the ideal instrument to increase brand awareness and generate potential new customers.


YOUTUBE. The strongest tool in our kit. It plays on all keyboards, its spectrum ranges from positioning to customer loyalty.


SOUNDLCOUD. Voiceovers can explain complex relationships. Ideal for retaining existing customers and turning them into multipliers.


FACEBOOK. Currently the community tool number 1. Good platform for spreading blog, soundcloud and youtube stuff.


SOCIAL ADS. Recommended for the definition of target groups, building reach fast and increasing the perception of events.

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