Events: Captivate with a Story

In an experience economy like ours, public and private events define how companies, public institutions and places are perceived. Events are one of the best ways to tap into the incredible power of storytelling to make people pay attention and gain attraction. We are creating individual event concepts with strong regional affinities.

As active listeners we get to know the intentions of your corporate communication and make the theme of the event. Our unorthodox concepts will surprise and inspire you.

The Event Toolkit

We plan multidimensional.
ostmodern Events, Ideenfindung - Die Geometrie des Wunders
Of Miracles

The geometry

ostmodern Events, Planung - Der Ausflug ins Wunderland
In Wonderland


ostmodern Events, Steuerung - Der unsichtbare Zauberstab

The Magic

ostmodern Events, Ort - Der unvergessliche Rahmen

Framing The

ostmodern Events, Catering - Im Sinn der Sinne
Of The Senses

The Triumph

ostmodern Events, Ausstatung - Bühne ohne Vorhang
Without Courtain


ostmodern Events, Künstler - Große Emotionen


ostmodern Events, Führungen - Schlendern ohne Baedeker

Roaming Without

ostmodern Events, Service - Der perfekte Kuppler

The Perfect

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