The Magic Baton

It resembles a magic wand in size and shape and is used to cast a spell on the orchestra: the 'dirigens instrumentum' or in popular talk the 'baton', which is used by conductors to create and control the ensemble performance of music. Until the early 19th century hardly any professional conductor used it. Instead the composer stood at the organ or at the harpsichord to emphasize the metrical rhythm with his hands. Then in the time of Carl Maria von Weber, Hector Berlioz and Richard Wagner the size and complexity of the orchestra ensembles became immense. This is how the baton came in and how the role of the modern conductor was born.

In a way, a comparable development and a similar fundamental change took place in the event industry in recent years. With the rise of digital media and technology, there are more channels available and also the cycle of events has been extended. Much of the experience takes place onsite, online and on demand. Today events are increasingly about serving a community and about content delivery, along with driving a quality audience. This new complexity has enhanced the orchestration of current events and has resulted in a new way of supervising events that fit closely with the work of the modern conductor.

Our Event Toolkit

ostmodern Events, Ideenfindung - Die Geometrie des Wunders

The geometry of Miracles

ostmodern Events, Planung - Der Ausflug ins Wunderland

Adventures in Wonderland

ostmodern Events, Steuerung - Der unsichtbare Zauberstab

The magic Baton

ostmodern Events, Ort - Der unvergessliche Rahmen

Framing the Event

ostmodern Events, Catering - Im Sinn der Sinne

The Triumph of the Senses

ostmodern Events, Ausstatung - Bühne ohne Vorhang

Stages without Curtains

ostmodern Events, Künstler - Große Emotionen

Great Emotions

ostmodern Events, Führungen - Schlendern ohne Baedeker
Guided Tours

Roaming without Baedeker

ostmodern Events, Service - Der perfekte Kuppler

The perfect Matchmaker

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