Roaming without Baedeker

Eye to eye with Florence - this was the ultimate goal of young English noblemen during their Grand Tour. Since then this sentiment has driven countless numbers of travelers to the city at the River Arno. The sheer number and proximity of works of art, the myriad of shopping opportunities and the city’s good restaurants are so overwhelming that it becomes a tour de force trying to see them all. The real connoisseurs are the ones who therefore travel without their Baedeker in their pockets. That is what E. M. Forster recommends in his book ’Room with a view’, which was published in 1908. It sounds absurd only at the first glance.

Paradoxically, the offerings of the travel industry often stand in the way of real travel and real experience. Everything up to the least detail is perfectly filtered, monitored, marshaled, ameliorated, graded and made app-ready. The thrill of the unexpected is lost. In contrast to these sad achievements of our own profession, we want to open the eyes and minds of the attendees, so that each event becomes a real room with a view.

Our Event Toolkit

ostmodern Events, Ideenfindung - Die Geometrie des Wunders

The geometry of Miracles

ostmodern Events, Planung - Der Ausflug ins Wunderland

Adventures in Wonderland

ostmodern Events, Steuerung - Der unsichtbare Zauberstab

The magic Baton

ostmodern Events, Ort - Der unvergessliche Rahmen

Framing the Event

ostmodern Events, Catering - Im Sinn der Sinne

The Triumph of the Senses

ostmodern Events, Ausstatung - Bühne ohne Vorhang

Stages without Curtains

ostmodern Events, Künstler - Große Emotionen

Great Emotions

ostmodern Events, Führungen - Schlendern ohne Baedeker
Guided Tours

Roaming without Baedeker

ostmodern Events, Service - Der perfekte Kuppler

The perfect Matchmaker

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