Framing the Event

Believed to have come from Sita, the wife of Rama, it is supposed to have brought death and destruction to its owners. A Russian prince shot his mistress. Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who brought it from India, was allegedly torn to pieces by wild dogs. Who was the culprit behind these and other great misfortunes? It is the largest blue diamond worldwide, which must be charged with these offenses.

With such stories from the horror genre the jeweler Cartier was able to embed the stone in our collective subconscious minds as a stone of doom. Why? He transformed the diamond into a monster in order to make it more desirable to a rich American heiress. Framing information is a very powerful tool to enhance the experience of objects and events. Every location plays the double function as stage and frame at the same time. People want to marvel at the exclusivity, the unforgettable color, light or sound of the location. Especially here in East Germany there is a multitude of yet undiscovered and amazing event locations.

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