The Triumph of the Senses

At the start of the 19th century the British read the works of Jane Austen, the Germans pored over the poetic effusions of Goethe and the French studied the works of Marie-Antoine Carême. Carême had been the chef of Talleyrand, the English prince regent and the Russian Tsar. He was the one who made cooking into a form of art. Sophisticated French cookery from then on started to be understood as the most important French contribution to world culture. French 'cuisine' aims at procuring the finest ingredients and to bring out all the nuances of flavor in a subtle way.

At the first glance a beautifully arranged buffet seems to be made only for our eyes. The resounding pop when opening a bottle of vintage wine, the fine smell of a tasty meal, the cooling effect of a wonderful raspberry sorbet - we enjoy cuisine with all our senses. Creative culinary arrangements are essential ingredients in the formula to produce memorable experiences and events. A good catering partner will go beyond the five senses and open up a sixth dimension of sensory experience.

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